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Mounted Textures: 7 Places to Hang a Rug

Mounted Textures: 7 Places to Hang a Rug Rugs are not designed solely for the floor. In fact, there are many motivations behind moving your rug to other visually stimulating locations such as draped over a couch or placed across a trunk or hope chest to complement colors, add texture or disguise flaws in the furniture. But today, we are going to focus simply on wall space. Let’s explore 7 places to hang a rug and why they will excel at adding life to your interiors. 1. In the Bedroom A rug may lay flat, but there is nothing two dimensional about it. The texture you can pull into your bedroom for genuine warmth and visual interest is inspiring. And an individual rug captures a designer’s unique creativity and vision for a space much like any piece of wall art. Consider mounting a rug above your bed either in place of the headboard or above it. The rug should be large extending beyond the width of your bead and reaching for the ceiling. This placement can enhance your bed as the focal point of the room or the rug may take on the role of focal point on its own. 2. In the Living Room High ceilings often create wall space that begs for oversized pieces of art complete with colors, patterns and textures. Warm up those cold, bare walls with large rugs. Consider matching tones in your furniture for a cohesive look or take advantage of an opportunity to add an accent color. This is also the perfect opportunity to preserve a rare rug. Since you dare not tread on one of these treasured possessions, treat it as a masterpiece or a member of your rare art collection, because it is! 3. In the Entryway Entryways often contain an odd wall that needs a little styling. A floor-to-ceiling rug is one way to create an accent wall out of this space. It adds color, impact and gives that offbeat wall a design purpose. 4. In the Home Office Home offices are typically not large spaces. Therefore, a small rug is all you need to liven up this room. Try a simple graphic pattern that avoids too much adornment. You will still make a statement, but preserve simplicity and the need for concentration in this functional space. 5. At the End of a Hallway We all have to think of something to do with that often small yet empty wall at the end of the hallway. Similar to the home office selection, choose a rug that is small and not overbearing. Try hanging the rug above a small chest or chair for real impact. 6. In the Dining Room Create sophisticated art for your dining room complete with the look of a framed picture or painting. Some rugs contain a border that already creates the illusion of a frame automatically highlighting the central image. Simply mount these rugs directly to the wall. For other rug designs, try mounting them to a board to create a contrasting background color and frame. 7. Within the Indoor Patio Your patios need a little love for their walls too. If you have an enclosed patio, a rug could be just the décor item you have been searching for. Remember, any wall rug can be chosen to complement your floors whether tiled or covered with another rug to create a unified look. A quick hanging tip: diligently distribute the weight of the rug evenly to avoid warping, sagging and tearing. Consult a rug and textile dealer for the best ways to hang your particular rug. Are you inspired by mounted textures? We are! And the interior design experts at Decor & You serving Denver, Colorado will help you bring your vision to life. They will work with you to create a Personalized 5-Step Décor Plan to accomplish your unique design needs for your home or office.

Connecting the Old with the New

Connecting the Old with the New Utilizing a mix of décor from past and present time periods can create an interesting, unique and completely authentic style for your home. A style that speaks directly to you as you blend the best of history and the best of now – and where you get to choose what is considered “the best.” While this particular design concept throws out a lot of rules and lets you be incredibly creative, there are a few techniques to keep in mind that will help you create a flawless design. Let’s take a look at 3 of these methods that embrace connecting the old with the new: 1. A Contemporary Backdrop for Traditional Accessories Modern homes often envelop strict clean lines, sleek finishes and stainless steel appliances. You will find that while on their own these modern elements create a rather cold feel. However, when paired with traditional furnishings, older accessories and naturally-focused accents, the space becomes warm and inviting. Think traditional table settings complete with fresh floral centerpieces as they become a source of sincere warmth and kindness for inviting dinners. You are creating genuine interest. Additionally, these modern homes often embrace function so you will find space for the likes of your home office or study conveniently built right in to the floor plan. However, we often neglect this space in lieu of decorating our other rooms. Try to avoid doing this because you will end up with a corner full of last-thought furniture that invites piles of paperwork instead of thoughtful work. Embrace clean modern floors and crisp white walls to create an eye-catching space that is conducive to getting work done. Organic wood furnishings are ideal complements and should be accented with real books and other meaningful collections. If you don’t currently own any older items to balance your modern home, you can scour flea markets and estate sales or you can even find new items that have the look of being historic or rustic. For example, rich wood and woven baskets can appear decades old when they’re not. 2. Old Space, New Purpose As you look around your home, you may find old closets and niche corners that are just begging to have a new purpose. These spaces are often constructed small and have gradually begun to lack any real use as the years have gone by. Turn them into functional spaces with a modern flare. Think new home for the refrigerator out of the old kitchen closet. A built-in bar or a quiet corner to enjoy a morning cup of coffee can be designed out of an odd corner. Modern storage can fit into any small space and you will hardly even know it’s there. The possibilities to create function out of your unused areas is virtually endless. Complete your old space’s new look with contemporary colors. It’s the perfect way to add interest, an unexpected twist or a simple take on what’s fresh and current. 3. Tell a Story As you select your décor, both old and new, remember your space should always reflect who you are. All your furnishings and all your accessories should have a story to tell that complements their purpose. Challenge yourself to find these pieces that will bring meaning to your home. A great way to test if your selected décor is right for you is to ask yourself if you would enjoy telling its story at your next dinner party. If the answer is yes, we say you have chosen wisely. Let the Interior Design Professionals at Decor & You help you tell your home’s story that encompasses the past and present through flawless interior designs that speak to you. Contact us today!

Brighten Up Your Bathrooms

Brighten Up Your Bathrooms Let’s talk lighting - smart, intuitive and engaging lighting. This important feature in your bathroom is not a simple decision. It can make or break this functional space and too often is not given nearly enough thought as there are many fixture styles to choose from, functions to consider and a desired ambiance to select. The good news: light designers have successfully combined style, sustainability and energy-efficiency to enhance any bathroom based on your needs and goals whether big, bright or proficient. Let’s look at 6 lighting trends that will brighten up your bathroom: 1. Pendant Lighting Pendant lighting is forecasted to be quite popular this year. A pendant can be found to complement any style and accomplish numerous lighting goals which has established its value for working in a wide range of rooms, especially the bathroom. The pendant silhouette we will address today is the drum. We like it because it comes in various patterns and materials that bring texture to the space. It also becomes fully functional when put on a dimmer as it provides bright task light for getting ready or soft relaxation light for unwinding at the end of the day. 2. Chandelier Lighting Whether you have a large modern bathroom or a smaller intimate space, there is a chandelier for you. Large bathrooms welcome the dramatic and the extravagant. Think traditional, attention-grabbing crystal. These chandeliers tend to run a pretty penny, but you will be able to find the exact look and quality you desire. For a smaller bathroom, contemporary chandeliers for the more price sensitive consumer are in demand. However, do not be taken aback, these smaller models do not compromise style. 3. Cabinet and Drawer Lighting Even with adequate overhead lighting, searching through the contents of your cabinets and drawers can be straining on the eye. While many people resort to leaving a flashlight under the sink, we recommend investing in a more elegant solution. LED lights are both practical and affordable. Install them on a motion sensor or other trigger to help create instantaneous light when you need it. 4. Shower and Bath Lighting While not a new trend, lighting in the shower and bath area remains ever popular for added pleasure and gusto to your daily routine. Creativity plays a role here. Try colored LED pool lights in red, green and blue to create a combination of colorful or white lights. A shower fixture with the light built right in is impressive. These modern fixtures are often controllable for varying degrees of color and brightness. Keep in mind that any overhead light in the shower should use a dimmer. Besides overhead lighting you can also try lights under benches or in cut outs designed for your daily essentials. Both of these could double as bathroom night lights. 5. Mirror Lighting Mirror lighting is very important. Start by installing general lighting above the mirror that casts even light over the sink and/or countertop. Add lighting to both sides of the mirror as well as below it to help avoid unwanted shadows being cast across your face and under your eyes. Fluorescent lighting is often too harsh around the mirror so try fluorescent lighting for a daylight-like spectrum that is ideal for using the mirror to get ready. Also, keep in mind that a larger mirror requires larger lighting fixtures. 6. Warm Metal Light Fixtures Complete your bathroom’s lighting look with one of the hottest trends of 2015, warm metals. Look for copper-colored fixtures to add warmth and comfort to this important room in your home. Final tip: install your bathroom’s lighting fixtures on separate switches so you can layer the lighting as you see fit for your mood or time of day. Ready to warmly illuminate your bathroom? Let the Professionals at Decor & You help you select bathroom lighting that is not only on trend for 2015, but will fit your family’s style and preferences perfectly.

New Design Features for Your Kitchen: “Furniture Style”

New Design Features for Your Kitchen: "Furniture Style" The kitchen is more than a functional space designed to prepare the family meals. It is a room that often serves as the home’s mainstay and is enjoyed by all. We believe a space this special deserves a little extra attention and we’re not the only ones who think so. Design predictions forecast furniture-style features to top the kitchen trends in 2015. These features will in fact celebrate the various elements of a kitchen in stylized beauty and comfort much as you would design any other room in your home. It is not just a workstation, but a warm and inviting space for people to gather and enjoy meals together. Let’s explore some options for bringing furniture style into the kitchen. Custom Cabinetry Let’s start with cabinetry. Special custom features will create an environment that reflects a cozy living room over a stark workspace. For example, muntins. Muntins are often made of wood or metal strips specifically designed to divide glass panes on cabinet doors. We like this look because you can display anything from antique collections to everyday dishware for a more open and friendly vibe that solid cabinet doors restrict. The muntins add a little flare to this look and feel. Customize your cabinets further with embellishments of glass, metal or leather that will really make them feel special. Next, consider valances. They’re as functional as they are decorative. Adding one under your high cabinets not only finishes the look, but serves the purpose of hiding unattractive items that will make your kitchen feel unfinished and cold. Think electrical elements such as exhaust fans and lighting. Finally, if you want to add some style to your lower cabinets, consider adding some decorative feet. Set one cabinet apart with a personal touch or create a unified look by fitting all cabinets with special feet. The Island Your kitchen island is the perfect place to add a touch of furniture style and really make it your own. What do you look for in your living room furniture? What brings you comfort? Apply the same styling in the kitchen. Similar to the cabinet suggestion above, consider raising the entire island onto legs for a truly standout piece. If you do not desire to put the entire island on legs, try adding decorative legs at the corners. This technique works especially well when constructing a bar on one side of the island. Looking for a beautiful way to enhance the island as the focal point? Try corbels at the corners. Corbels are ornate and will dramatically draw your attention to the island’s select features. Don’t forget end panels. Your island is freestanding which means decorative end panels are necessary to create an aesthetically pleasing design. Keep it simple or opt to complement the details of your cabinets with a similar style. If you have opted for a bar or seating area at your island consider adding a toe kick. A detailed furniture toe kick gives the island a real freestanding furniture look plus it makes for a more comfortable seat when working close to the counter. Benches All Around Benches in the kitchen create warmth through a contemporary style that leaves stark medal bar stools and breakfast nook chairs at the door. If you selected a bar for your island try upholstered bench bar stools designed to seat two. They will instantly relax the kitchen space. If you don’t have a bar, but do have an island, consider adding a low or standard bench at the end of the island. Orient the bench away from the island towards another seating area or kitchen table to facilitate conversation. A free standing bench is always welcome to add extra seating whether at a breakfast nook table, a full-sized kitchen table or against a bare wall. It is also a great way to bring in an accent color if desired. Try an antique bench anywhere in the kitchen for an unexpected twist and added personality. Banquettes for Small Spaces Tucking a banquette into a corner of the kitchen immediately adds comfort with an elegant flare. It’s the perfect invitation for a cup of morning coffee or a quick lunch. It also creates a polished look as even a free standing banquette can appear built in. Do you like the idea of cozying up in the kitchen with furniture style? design The interior professionals at Decor & You can assist you in selecting the right features for your kitchen that will leave you longing to spend many days in the comfort of this homey space.

Wallpaper for Visual Impact in 2015

Wallpaper for Visual Impact in 2015 Creating interest, contrast and texture with wallpaper is a well-known design concept. The technique is easy to implement and even in small amounts can have a very big impact on your space. Let’s take a look at 3 unique ways to use wallpaper effectively this year: 1. On the Ceiling Many interior designers consider the ceiling the fifth wall of a room, and why not? Restricting wallpaper to the walls creates a missed opportunity for unique and visually stimulating designs. Try placing a statement design on the ceiling of rooms with little wall space due to windows, cabinetry and/or doors. Let creativity reign. Here is your chance to indulge in busy or bright patterns. Create warmth through a ceiling of patterns and tones reflective of soft light. Paired with a chandelier you can create an intimate ambiance with warm light casting across the ceiling. This technique translates well in a bedroom for a cozy environment. Does your space have architectural elements worth highlighting? Try non-directional wallpaper patterns as they will not take away from the lines created by the architecture. A room equipped with stunning tile or marble will often require some separation between the inset and the wallpaper. Moving the wallpaper to the ceiling avoids creating a competitive environment where patterns go head to head. The same concept works for decorative elements and wallpaper that would clash when in close proximity. Give them some space and each element will shine. Considering adding wallpaper to the ceiling of a small room? Search for prints with a light background to create the illusion of height as your eye is drawn up. Bonus: wallpaper on the ceiling is often an economical choice. Typically there are less square feet on the ceiling than on four walls resulting in ease on the wallet without forsaking visual impact. 2. A Paintable Variety Paintable wallpaper? We say, “Yes please!” These textured surfaces usually composed in white or cream were created as a more affordable alternative to plasters or stamped metals. They beg to be painted and yet often look stunning left alone. Try this technique on an imperfect wall surface to dodge the potential eye sore paint alone may create. Want to create something truly unexpected? Try a beautiful pattern on the front side of each of your stairs. If paintable wallpaper leaves you envisioning antique-inspired walls, and not fondly, we have good news. There are many options that embrace modern patterns for an up-to-date look to fit any style. 3. A Step outside the Norm: Paper the Cooking Zone What exactly is the norm when considering the walls of a kitchen? Most likely clean and soothing. But why can’t wallpaper evoke those feelings? It can. In fact, it gives you complete control of creating your perfect environment by complementing design elements or constructing a beautiful contrast to simple kitchen color palettes. To get your feet wet, consider a small accent. In fact, when used in small amounts wallpaper can have just as much impact as covering every inch of the wall. Think of wallpapering the back of an open shelving unit as a unique way to add interest and character. Try custom wallpaper to create an accent wall. Your standard kitchen will radiate a new personality. A note of warning: we suggest not using wallpaper on your backsplash as the ability to clean it of grease and food splattering is likely to be an undesirable outcome. How will you use wallpaper this year? If you need assistance designing your home or office this winter the Professionals at Decor & You serving the Denver, Colorado area are here to help. Contact us today!

10 Easy Ways to Incorporate Brass into Your Decor

10 Easy Ways to Incorporate Brass into Your Decor You don’t want your home to look like a gaudy gold Donald Trump casino, but a little bit of classy metal can look oh so nice. With subtle brass accents, or tasteful bold pieces, you can upgrade a room without going overboard or bordering on cheap. Antiqued, hammered, or polished brass offers the coveted soft look of the moment. Choosing décor elements with a warm finish rather than a shiny finish can make a room look luxurious and regal and, simply, interesting. 1. Kitchen Cool The kitchen and dining room are two of the easiest places to incorporate brass into your décor (even if you have stainless steel appliances). Those who are ready to go all-in with brass might opt for a brass backsplash or range hood. And brass cookware hung on hooks or displayed on open shelves pulls double duty, giving you durable cooking equipment and functional décor. If you’re not quite ready to commit, a trivet or candlesticks will let you get your feet wet. Place settings, flatware, and napkin rings also offer opportunities to add in brass. And don’t overlook your kitchen hardware – from drawer pulls to knobs to faucets. 2. Draping a Room Accent your draperies and shine up the heights of a room with drapery hardware in brass. Just make sure the rods complement any window treatments with grommets. 3. The Walls Have It If you’re feeling brave enough to add a semi-permanent infusion of brass to a space, consider brass-ified wallpaper in a bold pattern, understated print, or textured style. 4. Dark to Bright Brass goes incredibly well with white and cream décor, whether kitchen cupboards, wall color, or bathroom tile. Metals with pink or peachy undertones offer a modern edge while still elevating décor overall so consider the particular shade of your brass décor elements as you attempt to match them to any existing décor or build a scheme around one or two pieces. For example, a muted or matte pair of brass wall sconces will blend beautifully with sage-green bedding while an aged brass or gold-toned set of handles will nicely set off a royal blue or black dresser. 5. Accessorize Gently If you think you may change your mind about your choice to go for brass, invest in accessories that are easily changed out, like a metallic decorative wreath, steamer trunks with oversized brass handles, a decorative bowl, or eclectic brass bookends. 6. Decorate and Repeat When you want brass in your décor but don’t want it to take over the room, repeating the brass color in softer textures can create an impact without being obnoxious. Throw pillows, blankets, upholstery, or area rugs can bring in muted tones of brass while complementing stronger elements. 7. Get Tchotchkes Trinkets can clutter up a room, but when chosen thoughtfully they are not without merit, especially when they come with a gorgeous brass finish. Antique or vintage pieces are often your best choice in this arena, adding a bit more heft and intrigue to décor. 8. Mix Things Up Feel free to mix metals, but try to cap your mixing at two. It might be a better choice to choose just the right sheen of brass to mesh well with natural materials, like slate, stone, or light wood accents such as unvarnished stools, shelves, and cutting boards. 9. From Above Brass light fixtures are available in such diverse sizes, shapes, and styles, you can easily find something to match existing décor, whether you want a tall table lamp, plump pendant lamp, or statement chandelier. 10. Go Big or Go Small For those who are prepared to embrace brass in all its luxe-ness, oversized bookcases, a bold bed frame, or a brass and glass coffee table will add interest and flair to a room. If you’re considering a brass infusion for your home, consult with the experts at Decor & You in Denver, CO, to get a personalized DecorPlan.

Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year: Marsala

Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year: Marsala If you are a color trend enthusiast or simply stay up-to-date on the latest styles, you undoubtedly saw Pantone’s announcement in early December publicizing the 2015 Color of the Year: Marsala. The color is named for the Sicilian wine that is naturally robust, earthy and a delightful cooking aid. Exemplifying characteristics of the wine, this full-bodied red-brown hue is considered a “grounded statement color” and can be used on its own or as a strong accent. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director at Pantone Color Institute, travels the world with her team to observe colors at their best for the Color of the Year selections. For 2015, they landed on this gem of a hue for 5 main reasons: Marsala is universally appealing. The eye seeks comfort in the color making you feel mentally and physically satisfied in its presence. Marsala is a unifying element. Whether selecting it as a primary or secondary color, Marsala knows how to tie a canvas, space or outfit together. Marsala is hearty, stylish and pleasantly not overpowering. It’s a bold yet grounded color meant for many occasions. Marsala easily translates across fashion, beauty and interior design. Finally, Marsala is said to enrich our minds, bodies and souls for a content and cohesive self. Let’s explore 4 spaces in your home that will love Marsala this year: 1. Marsala in the Living Room Create energized elegance in your living room. Marsala is plush and convivial making it a grand choice for walls, furniture and accessories. Its distinct characteristics carry boldly into textured surfaces enhancing the color’s effects on the mind and mood. Upholstered sofas and chairs will make pleasant statement pieces. Or opt for a unifying rug for a simple addition that still embraces all the glory of textured Marsala. 2. Marsala in the Home Office Marsala embodies confidence and stability. Consider an accent wall in your home office for the full effect of Marsala on your mind at work. You may be wondering just how this color reaches deeply into your psyche. It is actually simple as it is said to remind us of the comfort of food and wine. The simple comfort of the simulated effects of a full stomach and satisfying drink is a welcome experience. 3. Marsala in the Bedroom Embrace warmth and a subtle touch of allure with Marsala in the bedroom. Take full advantage of the color’s bold features through plush bedding. Try rich fabrics in solids, florals or stripes that will draw you in to luxury and comfort. 4. Marsala in the Kitchen Perhaps the most natural fit for Marsala is in the kitchen. The hue is nurturing, fulfilling and undeniably tasteful. As mentioned above, the color creates the satisfaction of a fulfilling meal and yet it still remains grounded in sophistication. Think small appliances and towels for your kitchen. If you have a breakfast nook or dining area near the kitchen, continue the trend with a Marsala-inspired tabletop via table cloths, napkins, dishes and/or glasses. The unifying and appealing color of Marsala is sure to make an appearance in your 2015 décor, but just how will it inspire you? Let the Interior Design Professionals at Décor & You be your partners in creating the look your desire for 2015.

Timeless Trend: Soft Black and White

Timeless Trend: Soft Black and White Black and white decorating has moved far beyond checkered linoleum floors in a 1950s kitchen or soda shop. Mixing black and white is a timeless decorating technique that has evolved with each generation. The pairing of black and white, simply enough, never goes out of style. But this high-impact duo can sometimes pack more of a punch than you initially desired – here’s how to soften the weight. Make a Duo a Trio Black and white goes with everything. You can add any accent color and the look will be stunning – turquoise, yellow, orange, red, silver. The basic B&W makes the colors that surround them pop, which adds amazing depth and texture to your overall interior design and allows the black and white to soften into the background. And even the harshest black and too-white white can be softened by the right dose of greenery. Go French Coco Chanel patented black-and-white check and made it chic. So if it’s simple and elegant you’re seeking, take the staples and go Parisian. Accessorize with houndstooth, soft lighting, fluffy bedding, and shapely lamps for a cozy, soft black-and-white boudoir.  Remember, black is in your shadows too, so consider how lighting impacts your room – the soft grey of long shadows will set a soothing atmosphere. And squishy, soft, and plush textures can offset the punch of black and white to give a room a bit of ease and charm without overdoing the severe lines of this power couple. Let in the Light A room that is filled with natural light is an ideal space to play with black and white. Letting the sun shine in will soften the black edges and make white oh so crisp. Blur the Lines White doesn’t have to be hospital white. And black doesn’t have to be in-your-face deep, midnight black. There are dozens upon dozens of whites – from stark to creamy to candlelight. This is one color palette where shades of grey certainly apply. Modernize Allowing a black and white color scheme to slowly wend its way through your home can soften the sharpness and make it feel modern and spot on. Frame black and white prints in a hallway and allow them to lead to a room that is swimming in a softened and soothing marriage of black and white. Enter Art An infusion of unexpected black and white patterns, like this fabulous area rug, elevate the theme. Thoughtful uses of texture – the furry white love seat, the sleek black table – are a delightful counterpart. But the black and white as a whole becomes a backdrop to the striking abstract art that accompanies it. Black and white, though simultaneously traditional and trendy, can be a little tricky to get just right. Consult with the design experts at Decor & You in Denver, CO, to get a personalized DecorPlan that lets black and white breathe in your home while still making a sophisticated statement.

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