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Five Tips for Mixing Metals

Five Tips for Mixing Metals Once upon a time, mixing metals was a no-no. In the 1980s and early 90s, designers stuck to just one metallic hue in a space. Today, however, the rules have changed. Now a metal mixture is not only acceptable, it is chic, as the most stylish homes pull off a look full of character and interest when gold, silver, copper and brass are combined. In October we looked at the impact that comes from adding a singular metallic hue to a room. Now let’s look at the magic that can happen when you add more than one – and the new rules you should follow when doing it. Contemporary family room design by nashville interior designer Crowell + Co. Interiors What better time of year to introduce sparkle to your home than the New Year? Drinks and dresses shimmer and things are fresh and new. Take your cues from the weekend’s parties and add shades of shine to your space with these five helpful tips. 1. Pick favorites When mixing metallics, it’s best to pick one shade to serve as your foundation. Inject that color – gold for example – in larger doses, and then add one to two sparkly shades as accents. This will assure a space that looks put-together while also interesting. Transitional living room design by dallas furniture and accessories Horchow 2. Take your existing pieces into consideration You’ve likely already got a pallet of colors you are building on. Be sure to take those hues into consideration when selecting your sparkle. Gold’s warm metallic-look pairs well with jewel tones, soft neutrals and pastels, and deep colors found in nature. If your space is filled with shades like black, grey, navy or green, add silver to compliment and enhance the cool style. Contemporary family room design by nashville interior designer Crowell + Co. Interiors Like gold, bronze brings warmth to a room, and looks especially nice with earth-toned reds, blues and greens. If copper is what you’re after, pair it with neutrals, orange, emerald, peach and brown. 3. Mix it up Combining metals adds character and sophistication to your space, but it doesn’t add a lot of texture. Seek balance in your complimentary color choices, but also in the textures you choose. Do the metallics you have in mind have a texture to them? Are they hammered? High gloss? Matte? Combine all three to up the visual interest, or compliment what you’ve got with the non-metallic pieces you style with. Add texture with accessories, textiles or in the finishes of your hard surfaces for a space that is rich in depth. Contemporary dining room design by london interior designer Casey & Fox 4. Don’t overdo it While it’s true it’s ok to mix more than one metal, it’s still possible to get carried away. Use the rule of three as your general guideline, keeping the metallics you choose to a minimum of three. More than that and you’ll have an overwhelmed, potentially kitschy space. If you’re using metallics in big doses, be sure to add materials which will ground your space – woods, iron and granite will bring balance to your shine and make your metallics pop. A soft neutral backdrop will keep the space calm. Transitional living room design 5. Space it out Mixed metals work especially well when they’re spaced out. Add them to your larger rooms with great success – the result will be a cohesive style. Mixed metals grouped together in small spots, on the other hand, give off a competitive and even accidental look. By spreading out the shine, you’ll keep the eye moving and assure your room has both personality and purpose. Traditional kitchen design by charlotte photographer Jim Schmid Photography Transitional bathroom design by birmingham kitchen and bath remodelers Lovette Construction For more tips on adding mixed metals to your space, contact the designers at D&Y Design Group.

Last Minute Ideas for Your Holiday Table

Last Minute Ideas for Your Holiday Table For a month – maybe more – you’ve been prepping for December’s big day. The shopping has happened, almost like clockwork, you spent the last weekend wrapping, and this week you’ll hit the grocery store more than once to prepare for Christmas dinner. Though there is still time to cross off your final to-dos,  opportunities are indeed waning. If your plans take you through to the end of the week and you find yourself without a thought for dinner décor, don’t fret. Chances are you’ve already got everything you need – including creativity – for a perfect Christmas centerpiece. Traditional dining room design by new york interior designer AJ Margulis Interiors The simplest yet most impactful way to decorate your table is to choose a holiday color and saturate. If white is your hue of choice, gather a collection of white candles, white cloth napkins, white pitchers and dishes, and even a lovely amaryllis flower. Cylinder vases and cloches can be filled with color as well – select ornaments, berries, nuts, fruit or bells for seasonally-appropriate color and texture. If you’ve got old wine bottles in coordinating colors (green? Even better!), fill them with tapered candles for sparkle and height. Cover the labels with metallic paper or decadent ribbon and bows. For a more natural look, layer items like sprigs of greenery, pomegranates or berries down the length of your table, filling spaces with mason jars or lanterns filled with candles for a touch of elegance. Burlap ribbon adds a nice touch on napkins or chairs. Miniature trees are also a great idea for tables. Use hobby trees or paper ones as centerpieces, or place them at your guests’ settings for unique placeholders. Eclectic spaces design by new york photographer Rikki Snyder If gingerbread houses are a tradition in your home, why not use them to decorate your table? Go small this year, opting for a village of miniatures that will run the length of your spread and serve as a great conversation piece – especially if you have children. spaces design Small wrapped gift boxes are another whimsical way to style your dinner table. You’ve got gifts, boxes, paper and ribbons in abundance this time of year – put them to work for a statement centerpiece. To complete the look, tie napkins with the same ribbon that adorns your boxes, and use gift tags for place cards. If you’ve got lovely items like china or silver, use them in your dinner décor. Fill vintage silver mugs or petite ceramic pitchers with peppermint candy cane sticks. Eclectic spaces design by other media and blogs Kootut murut A tiered stand can be layered with small Christmas items – miniature jars filled with Christmas candies, small wrapped gifts, ornaments, greens, or berries combine for an interesting holiday display. Do you have ideas for a statement Christmas table using the things you’ve already got in your home? Tag @DecorAndYouHR on Instagram to show off your style, and have the most beautiful of holidays!

Ring in 2017 with a Stylish New Year’s Soirée

Ring in 2017 with a Stylish New Year's Soirée Walter Scott once said, each age has deemed the new-born year the fittest time for festal cheer. Of course, not one of us needs a novelist to give us reason to celebrate the coming of the new year. Whether you have plans for a midnight party or a midday brunch, there is much that can be done to set the tone for a stylish 2017. other design by other appliances A Festive Dinner Begin your New Year's Eve festivities with a dinner party which sets the mood for the night to come. Introduce subtle sparkle with candles and flutes of champagne, or make the effort more obvious with telling decor such as disco balls or a collection of clocks which keep guests aware of the evening's countdown. Incorporate all of it into your decor, setting your table and bringing the fireworks inside. Show guests you've thought of everything by serving foods that are said to bring luck in the coming year. Diners in Brazil and Italy have noshed on legumes for good luck since Roman times. In Japan, long and unbroken noodles mean for a long life, and in the south black eyed peas are a sign of future success. In Spain and Portugal, 12 grapes signifying the coming months are served at the stroke of midnight. Ringed foods such as bagels speak to a year coming full circle, pork and fish are both considered the luckiest of foods, and the seeds within a pomegranate symbolize prosperity and good fortune. spaces design by new york bedding and bath Bed Bath & Beyond Eclectic dining room design by new york interior designer Manuella Moreira, Ethan Allen Flatiron spaces design by phoenix interior designer FOCAL POINT STYLING Midnight Celebration New Year's Eve is hardly complete without a celebration that lasts throughout the night and even into the morning hours. Keep the sparkle going with metallic decor, garland and even bar accessories. Keep guests happy with drinks at the ready by setting up bars throughout the house - a large tray on a buffet becomes an impromptu bar when you add glasses, an ice bucket, slices of lime, and of course bottles of drinks. You can also easily set up a bar cart in almost any space. Don't forget to dress up these spaces - gold rimmed glasses keep up the night's sparkle, and petite floral arrangements continue the look of elegance that started at dinner. Don't forget the champagne, and consider mints for those midnight kisses. Contemporary home bar design by houston interior designer Sally Wheat Interiors Traditional spaces design by san francisco interior designer Hillary Thomas Designs Contemporary home bar design by surrey photographer Eleanor Baines Photography Contemporary living room design by san francisco architect Urrutia Design Industrial home bar design by toronto furniture and accessories Elte An Intimate Affair Perhaps your New Year's Eve celebration will be a more intimate one. If that's the case, up the romance and scale down the celebratory decor you might have planned for a larger gathering. More candles are certainly a good idea. Transitional spaces design Brunch in the New Year If your plans include a New Year's Day brunch, consider a theme which speaks to the newness of the year. Simple decor is a must, as is fresh fruit, juice or flowers. Clear the heavy drinks from last night's bar tops and replace with ingredients needed for your guests' favorite mimosa, smoothie, coffee or bloody mary. Remember the foods that are considered lucky as you plan your menu. Transitional dining room design by new york interior designer Sasha Meredith Designs Contemporary living room design by sydney interior designer Emma Blomfield Whether your plans include a gathering for two or the party of the year, you can assure guests will remember the lovely night you created with some stylish decor moves. For more New Year's Eve design tips, contact the designers at D&Y Design Group.

Decorating for Christmas Brunch

Decorating for Christmas Brunch One of the best things about Christmas is the food. From decadent treats to fancy dinners, we’re all indulging a bit more during the holiday season. If you’ve got plans for a Christmas brunch, consider more than your menu. How will you dress up your brunch spread? You’ve spent hours decorating this Christmas – don’t stop with one of the best meals of the year. Farmhouse dining room design by wiltshire furniture and accessories Susie Watson Designs Whether you’ll use a buffet table, eat around the kitchen table, or set your china out at the dining room table, plan to have some fun with your Christmas brunch décor. Style according to your taste, but keep in mind that brunch is more casual than your Christmas dinner. Traditional kitchen design by little rock interior designer Tobi Fairley Interior Design Of course, your linen napkins, runners, good dishes and sparkling glassware is all perfectly appropriate at this meal, but the relaxed feel should allow you the opportunity to have a little Christmas fun. The presents have been opened, the stockings rifled through – keep the morning mood going at your mid-morning feast with these four decorating tips. 1. Play up the colors of the season. Garland and berries are an obvious choice for a festive brunch table. These Christmas staples add color to your spread, but you’re certainly not limited to the basics. Consider using the food you serve to add the color you desire. Feature red fruit at the center of your table of buffet – a display of strawberries, raspberries, watermelon and pomegranate will look beautiful and is completely appropriate at a brunch spread. Include green grapes and kiwi to further the Christmas color look. Skewers on the side make for a fun fruit-kabob option. Rustic dining room design by other media and blogs Michelle Edwards 2. Use what you’ve got on hand. Style your table with items you’ve got in abundance at this time of year. Gift tags serve as a clever option for placeholders, as do ornaments. Candles and candies also offer inspiration for your brunch table – as décor and even favors for guests. Add chocolates to each place setting by placing on an empty plate, in a small dish or in a festive cupcake liner. Finally, use Christmas ribbon to wrap silverware and napkins. Eclectic dining room design by new york photographer Rikki Snyder 3. Spread out the style. One of the best things about brunch is the variety. From the drinks to the food, the options are vast and varied. Use this opportunity to style your brunch, dedicating an area to beverages and one to sweets. This may mean you set pastries out on a separate table, and use your buffet for drinks. One fun way to accomplish this is to set up a coffee and hot chocolate bar. Allow guests to make drinks just the way they like them by laying out items like cream, cinnamon sticks, marshmallows, whipped cream, crushed candy canes, caramel and even alcoholic add ins like peppermint schnapps. Set out mugs that coordinate with your linens and decorations. Traditional kitchen design 4. Make food your focal point. Because brunch generally features buffet-style service, food presentation is an important part of your brunch décor. A common color scheme in your dishes creates a pleasant backdrop for the star of your Christmas brunch show – the food. Use coordinating platters, bowls, ramekins, vintage dishes, enamelware, baskets or tiered trays to create layers and heights and a beautifully interesting presentation. deck design by dc metro decks and patios TREX COMPANY INC

Fresh Christmas Colors for Your Holiday Home

Fresh Christmas Colors for Your Holiday Home Sometime just before Halloween, retail stores started sneaking Christmas items onto shop shelves. Right there next to the orange and black was some early red and green – an explosion of holiday hues. Now, with Thanksgiving behind us, the colors of the Christmas season are stealing every show – commanding our attention setting a very red and green Christmas mood. Contemporary living room design by calgary interior designer AMR Interior Design & Drafting Ltd. But just because red and green are the traditional colors of Christmas doesn’t mean they’re our only choices this holiday. If you’re ready for a fresh look in your Christmas decor, consider the following color combinations which still deliver plenty of yuletide spirit even as they bust out of the (nicely wrapped)  Christmas color box. Neutrals Traditional family room design by sacramento interior designer Kerrie L. Kelly Neutral decor is always a good idea, and that isn’t any different at Christmas time. Accent the natural elements that make up the season – trees, wreaths and garland – with warm neutrals that add subtle style and keep the look consistent throughout your home. Tans and cremes make for a calm space – something that can be hard to come by at this time of year. Wrap presents with butcher or craft paper and lay on the twine to incorporate the pile of gifts below your tree into the design. Brown and green spaces design by phoenix interior designer FOCAL POINT STYLING Like neutrals, the color combination of brown and green also flawlessly compliments Christmas’ natural elements. Whether you opt for sparkly metallic or subdued and outdoorsy, the result is a warm look which looks especially good on tables and trees. Citrus Traditional living room design by little rock interior designer Tobi Fairley Interior Design This refreshing combo of yellow, orange and lime doesn’t necessarily scream Christmas – but it can. A complete departure from the traditional shades of the season, these citrus hues offer a bright and cheery style which shines even when the strands of lights aren’t on. Teal, pink and gold Contemporary living room design by cincinnati furniture and accessories FRONTGATE Typically a combination of colors reserved for Easter, these pastels are beautifully modern when used at Christmas time. Play up the feminine side of this look with big, bright bulbs and ribbons, and don’t be shy about going overboard. When used in abundance, the look is obvious and intentional: statement style. Just a few pastel items here and there, on the other hand, have the potential to look accidental. With this color scheme, bigger is definitely better. Lime green and robin’s egg blue Farmhouse kitchen design by little rock interior designer Tobi Fairley Interior Design Another fresh color combination, lime green and light blue offer bright pops against the deep and warm base shades of Christmas. The look is current and stylish, and one kids are sure to love. White, silver and frost blue Contemporary living room design by other media and blogs Restyled Home The elegant combination of white, silver and blue brings the snowy outdoors in, suggesting a very wintery feel. These colors look particularly good in both modern and traditional homes, and though they aren’t strong hues that are impactful when paired together. Red or violet and blue Traditional family room design by vancouver interior designer Maria Killam Farmhouse dining room design by wiltshire furniture and accessories Susie Watson Designs Blue is emerging as one of the biggest players in the Christmas color game. A shade that looks good in any number of combinations, it can easily freshen your holiday decor style. A lighter blue paired with red, violet or pink adds a pleasantly current look to Christmas. Depending on the shades you choose, the combo will work well in a shabby chic, rustic vintage or feminine space (pink and powder blue), or in a modern, 50s vintage or eclectic home (red/violet and turquoise). Make the style as loud or as subtle as you’d like – this color combination works well in any dose. Options about for a holiday color refresh – no matter your color preferences. Be adventurous with color this holiday season. After all, Christmas is all about sparkle, dress-up and fun.

The Hottest Home Decor Gifts this Christmas

The Hottest Home Decor Gifts this Christmas This year’s trends in home decor are bold and wide-ranging. From sparkly beauty to time-tested textiles, modern shapes to lovely graphics, we can’t get enough of the statement additions to our spaces. Naturally, these are the gifts we’re after this Christmas, and we’ve compiled a list of our favorites for the Santa in you who’ll be gifting (or wanting!) this holiday season. Geometric Clean lines and geometric shapes have been in high demand in 2016, and the look isn’t showing signs it’ll trend down any time soon. For those on your list who prefer a more polished and modern look, seek out visually stunning accessories that will make a statement under the tree. Golden hexagonal wine rack from Overstock. $50 Faceted Metal Vases from West Elm. $24 and up Crate & Barrel Marrakesh Wood Board. $29.95   Metalwork Hurricane from Anthropolgie. $14.00 – $52.00 Metallic Metallic hues have been making spaces sparkle all year. What better time of year to gift gold, silver, copper and brass than Christmas?   Cheese Board and 3 Copper Cheese Knives Set from Crate & Barrel. $49.95   Brass bottle opener from Leif. $45 Stillhet tea light holder from Ikea. $7.99   Large metal and wire bowl from Target. $2499   Gilded Planter from Anthropologie. $6.00 – $24.00 Paddywax Etched Mercury Candle from Urban Outfitters. $30.00   Monogrammed Moscow Mule Set from Pottery Barn. Set of two for $35.50   Brass & enamel Louise bowl set from Hawkins New York. Starting at $25.00   H&M Textured Glass Pitcher, $18   Pressed Glass Photo Frame from Anthropologie. $18.00 – $32.00   Anthropologie Golden Fruit Candles. $22.00 – $30.00   Pineapple shot glasses in copper and silver from Food52. $35 for two Kilim Arguably the oldest of this year’s trending styles, Kilim adds rich character to a space with it’s rich graphic textiles. Kilim gifts will bring warmth to Christmas morning.   Marianella Tasselled Throw from Anthropologie. $68.00   Hand-Stitched Kantha Throw from Anthropologie. $128.00   Magical Thinking Hana Kilim Printed Rug from Urban Outfitters. $34.00-$129.00 Urban Outfitters Plum & Bow Tepeck Kilim Pillow. $59.00 Graphic Bold graphics, including florals, mediterranean and tribal prints are also gracing spaces in big and small doses. Look for these prints on accessories like frames and pillows for your loved ones.   Lulu & Georgia Creteil Picture Frame, Teal and Tangerine. $35   Anthropologie Jovana Frame. $24.00 – $28.00 Vintage Always in style, vintage items look especially lovely in country, eclectic and shabby chic spaces. These items also add interest to a space, giving it time-tested character that looks anything but mass-produced. Mason jar shot glasses from Bed Bath and Beyond. Four for $12.99 Sailor's Mirror from Athropologie. $58.00 – $188.00   Milk Glass Soy Candle from Etsy. $35 Natural Botanical prints are an especially popular way to get a space in touch with nature. Earth-tones and textures also accomplish this. Give unique gifts like agate, palm prints and succulents to assure one-of-a-kind gifts. Uncommon Goods Succulent Living Wall Planter. $110 Geode or agate Sur la Table Crackle Coasters, from $6 each.   Hand-Cut Agate Bookends from Anthropologie. $98.00 – $128.00   Elise Von Craft Gold FoilPalm Art Print from Urban Outfitters. $39.00 Tech Of course, there are tech gifts on every Christmas list this year. Fortunately, you can have the best in tech without sacrificing style - and well within any budget limitations.   Anthropologie Minted Daisy Cube Speaker. $58.00   Stelle Audio Pillar from Anthropologie. $299.00 Crosley Harper Wood Wireless Speaker from Urban Outfitters. $79.00 Shop DY Design Group Of course, if you haven't found the perfect gift in our list of 31, you're sure to find it in our online shop. Visit us day or night at shop.decorandyouhr.com/shop/decor for the perfect addition to your home or your holiday list.  

Exploring Scandinavian Design

Exploring Scandinavian Design In recent weeks, we’ve traveled the globe to explore the world’s design styles. We’ve found classic beauty and styles which have stood the test of time. This week we go to the Nordic countries of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark to view the elements that make up Scandinavian style. Scandinavian living room design by london artist and artisan Predella House Southwestern living room design by other paint and wall coverings Pratt & Lambert Paints A popular look that is trending up in the US, Scandinavian design was born in the 1950s and became popular for those who favored modern affordability and function. The style features light spaces, simplicity and minimalism. Clean clutter-less lines are essential to the look, as are contrasting colors (especially black and white) and earthy materials. Scandinavian furnishings are leggy, floors are carpet-free, and walls are usually white. Pendant and globe lights hang – functionally and stylistically – to add bright light to Scandinavian rooms. Scandinavian living room design by stockholm interior designer Wida Design Modern dining room design by perth interior designer Bella Life Style Scandinavian living room design by other photographer stephenclement Notice the similarities between the spaces – few accessories, greys, whites and blacks, sturdy wooden furniture which is sleek and stylish. Each space soaks in bright natural light – or is filled with statement lighting if natural light is not easily found. Light wood flooring runs the expanse of each room, and contrast is found in artwork, materials and color. Scandinavian living room design by other media and blogs Jeanette Lunde Contemporary bathroom design by melbourne VK Bathrooms Scandinavian kitchen design by london Sola Kitchens The style looks just as good in utilitarian spaces (kitchens and bathrooms) as it does in a home’s living spaces. No matter the room, the result is a warm, livable style easily achievable no matter the budget.

Style Surprise: Kilim

Style Surprise: Kilim In the past several weeks, we’ve traveled to the coast, the mediterranean, the mountains and the cottage. Styles change across the world, offering unique beauty that adds character and personality to our homes. This week, we’ll take a visit to Turkey where Persian detail is rich in warmth, texture and beauty. Here is where the most opulent textiles were born, and here is where we find Kilim – design’s most popular old pattern. Beach Style family room design by new york architect Ike Kligerman Barkley Eclectic living room design by new york interior designer Deborah French Designs If you’ve been on Pinterest in the last few months, you’re perfectly aware of Kilim. Centuries old, this wool-woven textile has become so current that the number of pins featuring Kilim decor has more than doubled since last year. Pins include images of rugs, pillows, furniture and accessories which flaunt the print’s multi-colored wool fibers in bright geometric patterns. The result: color, warmth and interest in modern minimalist looks, masculinity in romantic rooms, and an anchor in eclectic spaces. Beautifully versatile, Kilim is at home in any room and in any style. In the living room… Add head-turning interest to your living space with pillows, poufs, ottomans or rugs. Warmth and luxe happens in an instant, and though the look is having a moment there’s nothing trendy looking about it. Add Kilim and you’ll end up with a space which speaks of character, history, personality and timeless style. Modern living room design by chicago architect Booth Hansen Eclectic living room design by miami Diego Perez Shabby-Chic Style living room design Midcentury living room design by los angeles home staging Madison Modern Home Shabby-Chic Style living room design by chicago kitchen and bath Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab Contemporary living room design by perth interior designer Jodie Cooper Design Traditional dining room design by miami interior designer Rae McConville Interiors LLC Contemporary living room design by los angeles interior designer Taylor Jacobson Interior Design Midcentury living room design by los angeles interior designer Natalie Myers In the kitchen… Because kitchens are often cold and utilitarian, the addition of a kilim rug can be most impactful in the kitchen. Cilium’s luxe texture has the ability to magically transform – especially in the kitchen. Traditional kitchen design by charleston photographer William Quarles Photography Asian kitchen design In the bedroom… A kilim bench is a perfect way to add the print to your bedroom. Make a neutral room more interesting, inject masculine into your space, or simply add an instant splash of rich style. If you’re one to neglect style in a bedroom, think again. Beautiful surroundings and cozy decor can change a mood fast – a dose of kilim is a remarkably simple step in the right direction. Rustic bedroom design by austin architect Cornerstone Architects Traditional bedroom design by san francisco interior designer Niche Interiors In the bathroom… As in the kitchen, kilim’s rich texture can dramatically change a bathroom. Lay down a runner or hang a print to achieve the transformation you’re after. Transitional bathroom design by austin architect 9 square studio Transitional bathroom design by las vegas interior designer Design by Numbers In the dining room and hallway… The beauty of kilim is its independent nature – its ability to stand alone in its effort to add style to a space. While you may not have much happening in terms of style in your dining area or hallway, you can change that with a large rug. Contemporary dining room design by los angeles interior designer Natalie Myers Farmhouse entry design by other home builders Hanley Development Traditional dining room design by miami interior designer Rae McConville Interiors LLC For more tips on using kilim or where to find it, contact the design professionals at D&Y Design Group.

Going Glam with Gold, Silver and Bronze

Going Glam in Gold, Silver and Bronze This past summer the world turned its eyes to Rio de Janeiro and the Olympic Games. Enthralled with the real life stories of heroes, villains, underdogs and champions, we watched as the globe’s finest athletes competed for a prize of gold, silver or bronze. For centuries these precious metals have captured our eye, shining in sparkly opulence and signifying achievement, wealth and beauty. This is true in sport, in fashion, and also in interior design. Though popularity and demand ebbs and flows as with any trend, the impact that happens when one of these metallics is introduced into a room is undeniable. As a result, their appeal never really goes away – assuring an investment in gold, silver or bronze in your home will always be a wise one. Traditional living room design by london interior designer Oliver Burns It was the 1980s when these metallics last had their heyday. Gold in particular became one of the decade’s most sought-after hues – the look became so popular in fact that by the time the century changed a revolt was firmly in place and silver was reaping the reward. Today, metallics are as popular as ever as evidenced by their appearances in well-styled homes from coast to coast. From furniture and dressing to walls, fixtures and accessories, gold, silver and bronze have a place in nearly any home. Whether going big is your M.O. , or if you prefer subtle elegance, you’ll be happy with the way this trend will glam up your space, making it current, clean, beautiful. Furniture If you like your home to be warm, inviting and unassuming, you may be balking at the idea of metallics on your furniture. If that’s you, perhaps its time to reconsider your perspective. Homes across the country are flashing surprising pops of style on unpredictable pieces that do anything but sabotage your taste. Whether in isolation or in large amounts, gold, silver and bronze pieces anchor a room and draw guests in. Notice in the following images that the addition of metallics on furniture only serves to increase the interest and beauty of the room they’re serving time in. Traditional living room design by detroit furniture and accessories La-Z-Boy Eclectic family room design by new york furniture and accessories Fun House Furnishings & Design Eclectic family room design by new york interior designer Thom Filicia Inc. Traditional living room design by dallas furniture and accessories Horchow Traditional bedroom design by orange county interior designer Jessica Bennett Interiors Transitional bedroom design by dallas media and blogs Jamie Laubhan-Oliver Kitchens and Bathrooms Whether on the walls or on fixtures, the use of metallic in your home’s most practical (and well-visited!) rooms is nearly a must. It can be argued that no other shade can make the impact that is felt when a metal is added to a room. Utilitarian, meet lovely. Contemporary kitchen design by sydney interior designer Yvette Philips Interior Design Transitional bathroom design Transitional kitchen design by philadelphia design-build Design Manifest Traditional kitchen design by charlotte photographer Jim Schmid Photography Accessories Accessories are another smart way to introduce some glitz into your space. Look for pieces like frames, lamps and even pillows to add some contemporary style and a near instant facelift to your home. Traditional living room design by san francisco interior designer Kendall Wilkinson Design Traditional living room design by cincinnati furniture and accessories FRONTGATE Traditional dining room design by boston interior designer F. D. Hodge Interiors Traditional living room design by dallas furniture and accessories Horchow Transitional living room design by chicago interior designer SuzAnn Kletzien Design Transitional bedroom design by houston furniture and accessories High Fashion Home Of course, with gold, silver and bronze a little goes a long way. That doesn’t mean you need to be shy. In your space, style to your heart’s content. Don’t be afraid to mix metallic, and be sure to balance the look with warm neutrals or soft prints. For more tips on getting the gold at home, contact a design professional at D&Y Design.

Achieving American Coastal Design

Achieving American Coastal Design There are dozens and dozens of styles in home decor. Perhaps the most beautiful, however, are those created with the outdoors as inspiration. Uniquely able to set the mood in a space, these styles have the magical ability to transport you to a place you long to be or a place you once were. Among the most supernaturally beautiful is the American coastal look, a style which commands a room – takes you to the sea whether you live near it or not. Of course, it’s easy to develop a coastal theme in a room. Thanks to popular kitschy shoreline accessories, one can make a space a coastal one in no time. Frankly, however, there’s little interest in the obvious. Stay away from the anchors, oars, starfish and sand dollars and opt instead for the subtle elements that make up a lovely coastal room. When looking for coastal cues, look to the beach for inspiration. Muted shades, a breezy feel, generous light and natural textures are all elements founds on a walk through the sand. To copy the feeling indoors, use that very pallette. Color White should be a staple in every coastal room, but it isn’t the only color appropriate for the style. Cream, beige, pale blue – even a toned down yellow – all follow the color rules laid out at the beach. For a punch of deep color, inject navy blue – a color rich in nautical statements. All of these shades can be found by the water, and all invoke the feeling one gets on an afternoon stroll by the water. The same notion of light colors goes for the wood in your room as well. Though the occasional dark piece adds a punch of interest to a consistently light pallette, woods should be bleached, whitewashed, even aged as wood washed ashore might be. Follow this rule on floors, furniture, cabinets and even shiplap – a beautiful addition to any coastal room. Beach Style bedroom design by devon interior designer Woodford Architecture and Interiors Beach Style powder room design by miami interior designer Lisa Michael Interiors Beach Style entry design by orange county interior designer Blackband Design Contemporary kitchen design Light Summer’s bright sun is a staple at the beach, and it should be in indoor coastal spaces as well. Fill your home with light by utilizing windows and color. Your pallette of light hues will brighten your space, and the use of light fabrics like sheers or linen on windows will assure the sun’s rays make it into your rooms. Mirrors and glass surfaces will also help, reflecting light throughout the space. Beach Style family room design by other lighting Progress Lighting Adding Warmth Coastal spaces are notoriously cozy and welcoming, but a room full of white and bright light could use some warmth. Add just that with natural textures and elements you’d easily find by the sea. Jute, bamboo, straw and driftwood elevate the interest and warmth in a space. Slipcovered seating adds to the coziness, and delivers an authentic coastal look. Contemporary family room design by tampa interior designer Studio G Home Beach Style living room design Beach Style entry design by orange county interior designer Blackband Design The Details Though coastal spaces are traditionally simple in their details, certain patterns deliver statement coastal impacts. Stripes have long offered a nautical look, and certain oceanside details, when done in smart doses, can bring beauty to soft an simple coastal space. Look for coral prints and even colors, or photograph patterns you find along the ocean – from the waves of the sea to those on the sand, beach grass to sunsets. When presented well, these details can deliver that lovely subtle punch coastal design is famous for. Beach Style kitchen design by providence interior designer Kate Jackson Design For more seaside design ideas and inspiration, contact the designers at D&Y Design Group. You’ll be relaxing next to the ocean in no time.

Ten Ways to Decorate Your Fall Home with Pumpkins

Ten Ways to Decorate Your Fall Home with Pumpkins For most of us growing up, Christmas was the only season commanding enough to take over the style of our homes. Garland, trees, collectibles and other holiday decor sat reserved all year, counting down the days till December’s big show. In the past several years, however, fall’s allure has taken over. Now the colors, textures, scents and styles of fall give Christmas a run for its money. At the center of Autumn’s decor personality is the pumpkin. No longer just for Halloween, pumpkins come in all shapes, sizes and colors and have the ability to transform a room, porch or table with natural personality and even statement color in an instant. Below are ten outside-the-box ways to use pumpkins to spice up your home this fall. Eclectic living room design by burlington media and blogs Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc 1. Pumpkin placeholders Use those cute mini pumpkins as placeholders at your next fall meal by attaching tags to the stem with twine or ribbon. You can even write guests’ names directly onto the pumpkin with metallic or black markers, or use a knife to carefully cut a slit that a place card can rest in. Traditional dining room design 2. Use as a planter or a vase You’re used to carving pumpkins anyway, why not take your carving to a new place this season? A hollowed-out pumpkin or gourde becomes a clever container for your fall arrangements of mums or succulents when you fill the empty space with the right-sized container. Rustic other design by new york photographer Corynne Pless 3. Create a theme Group a collection of pumpkins together on a fireplace, table, hutch or porch to deliver an autumn punch. Paint the group a unifying color to match your home’s style – use craft paint to cover the surface from the stem down, or dip each one at varying heights for a more modern display. Adding metallics to the spread brings a little glam to the look, offering dramatic transformation for the posh at heart. Contemporary spaces design by other metro media and blogs Pullga 4. Fill’er up Fill a vintage bucket, an oversized lantern, a rustic toolbox or a chunky basket with small pumpkins and gourds to create a warm, interesting and season-appropriate vignette well-suited for nearly any place in your home. Eclectic porch design by columbus photographer Julie Ranee Photography Traditional exterior design by other metro interior designer Seaside Interiors Traditional spaces design by miami artist and artisan Cloth & Patina 5. An eye-catching topiary  Stack pumpkins atop decorative pots or urns and flank your front door for a seasonally traditional look. You can even have a little fun with the look, painting house numbers, flowers, or even the spooky face of a Halloween ghost on your pumpkin pile. Traditional kids design by dallas media and blogs Sarah Greenman Traditional entry design by dallas media and blogs Sarah Greenman Traditional entry design 6. Set a gorgeous fall table Pumpkins offer a gorgeous centerpiece option on a table of any size. Be wise about size, and then run a display the length of your table with a fall-appropriate runner beneath. Group together for simple style, or create a small collection made beautiful with autumn additions like candles, berries, leaves, pomegranates or sparkling votive holders. Remember the magic of paint on pumpkins if you want a less obvious fall style. spaces design by denver media and blogs Delicate Creature spaces design by dc metro interior designer Ann West Interiors Contemporary dining room design by phoenix interior designer FOCAL POINT STYLING 7. All dolled up Dress up your pumpkin collection with a little glue and some sequins, studs, tacks, beads, glitter or even sparkly nail polish. These girly gourds look lovely on a dresser or next to a bathroom sink. spaces design 8. All the pretty lights Of course, we’ve been filling hollowed out pumpkins with candles for years, but that doesn’t mean we’re stuck with jack-o-lanterns. Fill empty mini-pumpkins with tea-lights for clever votives – or add drilled holes to each side for a unique outdoor garland that is stylish and functional at the same time. Core a smaller hole into those same petite pumpkins for tapered candle holders, or fill a large round hollow pumpkin with water and fill with floating candles. Consider also lining an outdoor space with large pumpkins wrapped with twinkly lights. 9. Buffet heights   Of course, pumpkins and gourds come in all shapes and sizes. Take advantage ­­of this and add height and interest to your buffet table. Locate flat pumpkins in varying colors, top with lovely platters or plates and pile on servings from cheese and crackers to treats and sweets. 10. Wreath interest Create an un-traditional wreath with spanish moss, mini-pumpkins, gourds and squash. This seasonal statement will set the tone from your guests’ very first knock. Contemporary living room design by san francisco landscape architect Living Green Design

Relax into a Cottage Style

Relax into a Cottage Style A couple weeks ago, we took a design trip to the mediterranean to celebrate World Tourist Day. Still in the mood for a dreamy getaway, we’ve decided to escape to the cottage, where comfort is first priority and pretty personality is on display. If you’re ready for a peaceful escape, take a look with us at cottage style. Personal Character For a long time, cottage chic and shabby chic were one and the same. While the shabby chic look hasn’t changed, however, cottage style has. Today, a cottage look can be rustic or more modern, girly or masculine – but that’s the point of the cottage style. A personal look that morphs into your taste, cottage decor has character and personality in the pieces that tell a story and the accents that reflect your life. Mix styles and decades – vintage with new – to add to your home’s cottage personality. Rustic living room design by birmingham architect Jeffrey Dungan Architects Farmhouse living room design Shabby-Chic Style living room design by sydney media and blogs A Beach Cottage Relaxed and Casual Another element of cottage style is its casual, welcoming character. Never stuffy or cold, cottage decor welcomes guests with light colors – whites, creams and pale hues – and comfortable decor. Furniture is inviting and lived in, allowing guests to feel relaxed and at home. Pretentious this look is not. Shabby-Chic Style family room design by minneapolis interior designer Martha O'Hara Interiors Shabby-Chic Style living room design by sydney media and blogs A Beach Cottage Shabby-Chic Style bedroom design by los angeles architect tumbleweed and dandelion.com Details and Textures Inside cottage rooms are interesting textures and details, from bead board on walls and ceilings to natural elements like wicker, sisal, wood and braided cotton. Collections adorn walls, tables and shelves, and layers adorn windows (sheers especially), beds and chairs. Furniture is often worn, hinting at a well-lived prior life. Rustic kitchen design by boston media and blogs Justine Hand Farmhouse bathroom design by chicago kitchen and bath Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab Beach Style kitchen design by portland maine architect Whitten Architects Since cottage style can easily morph into shabby chic, keep the sugar to a minimum by going easy on frilly prints and colors. Use floral and lace sparingly and incorporate masculine pieces such as iron or copper to balance the style in your space. Beach Style bedroom design by chicago interior designer Tom Stringer Design Partners For more cottage style tips, contact a D&Y Design Professional today!

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