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Turn your Home Into a Relaxing Retreat for a Staycation

When was the last time you took a nice vacation? Are you due for one?The sad fact is, most Americans aren’t taking any vacations at all.We hoard up vacation days with all best intentions… but life gets in the way.We can’t get time off from work, we’re workaholics, or simply we can’t afford to go anywhere.Some of us don’t go on vacations because we can’t stand queue lines, flight delays, crowded and germ infested airports…But unplugging from work, even for just a day or two, can help you maintain a healthy perspective in life and boost your happiness levels.And here’s the thing:You don’t have to go anywhere to unplug and de-stress. You can simply stay at home and create your own relaxing “staycation”!Listen to this episode and discover ways to turn your home into a luxury hotel without luxury expenses and achieve a lavish lifestyle on a budget!Show highlights:- Simple ways to transform your bedroom into a luxurious space.- Quickly replicate a spa bathroom in your house without major remodelling.- An inexpensive way to “lux” up almost every room in your hose.- One simple addition to your entryway that can turn it into a 5-star hotel lobby.- Add a hint of glamour to your bedroom with this simple fix to your window dressings.- How to improve your lightning and create mood.Plus, to get ideas of all the best ways to cater for your staycation partner… go to http://goodlivingbydesignshow.com and download your free guide Key Decorating Tips For Happy Couples. Ready?Tune in, listen… and start planning!

Move or Remodel

How do you decide, when the time comes, if you should remodel your house or relocate? Maybe your kids moved out recently and you’re left with all this space you don’t need anymore…   Or...Perhaps your family evolved and your charming little house is suddenly too cramped and overcrowded.   What should you do: Relocate or remodel?Moving house can be exciting, but it also means stressful times ahead.And… if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably accumulated years and years worth of stuff. And the mere thought of going through all that gives you headache.On the other hand, remodelling when not planned properly can mean stress during and after the process. Plus, you risk ending up with a home you’re not happy with.The point is, you have a decision to make and you want it to be the best one for your situation.This episode will help you to plan your remodelling project properly. Or... if your heart is set on relocating, it will give you the best criteria to use when deciding where to move to. Because one thing is for sure: you can always fix your house, but you can’t fix your neighbourhood. Show highlights:- Things you must check before deciding to move into a new neighbourhood.- How to accurately calculate the cost of your remodelling project. (And avoid surprises you didn’t plan for.)- Not every house is suitable for remodelling. Find out if yours is.- Can remodelling be a good choice when you want to downsize?- How to avoid over-modelling your home and risk making it unsellable.- One simple and inexpensive home improvement project that can boost your home’s value more than anything else. (Adding a basement, updating your bathroom, or replacing your roof can’t even come close!)If you’re asking yourself, “remodel or relocate?”… listen to this episode and get help making the best decision for your situation.And once you know what your best decision is... hop over to http://goodlivingbydesignshow.com and get your free copy of Seven Decor Tips To Love The Home You’re In.Start listening now!

Form, Follow, Function

Have you ever been in a situation while shopping where...You spot a beautiful item, you pick it up, marvel at its beauty, and immediately start debating with yourself whether you should purchase it or return it to the shelf.As human beings, we are naturally drawn towards beautiful things… even if those things end up as yet more clutter in our homes.One thing you don’t want is to create spaces full of unimportant and useless items just because they are pretty.Interior designers have a rule: form should follow function. You should always plan your design with a purpose.Today’s episode will help you create a space that is equally functional and appealing.And as an example, you’ll hear ways to plan and decorate your home office. You’ll see that sometimes all it takes is just a few minor tweaks to have a space that functions, feels, and looks great!Show highlights:- What to do when you don’t have an extra room or basement you can use. (But you still want privacy and silence.)- How to turn your closet into a functional home office. (Perfect if you live in a tiny apartment!)- Simple ways to emphasise ergonomics correctly.- Fix your lightning to avoid eye strain and improve your mood.- How to turn your office storage into beautiful decor.And one more thing:Hop over to http://goodlivingbydesignshow.com and download your free report Designing For The Shape Of Your Space for more creative ideas!Ready? Start listening now!

No Need To Be Overwhelmed

In the last episode we talked about home shaming and what you can do right away to stop feeling bad. Today, you’ll hear how to deal with overwhelm that’s preventing you to get your decorating project started. No matter how big or small your project is, it can quickly become daunting if you’ve never done it before. We’ve all been there. But the good news is… once you know where to start, the overwhelm quickly disappears. Show highlights: - How to uncover your decorating style when you can’t even articulate what you like. - What is your “feel” word and how it can help you decorate your perfect space. - What to do when you can’t afford decorating the whole house… but you still want a home you can be proud of. - One surefire way to predict (and prevent!) problems before you even start. - How to easily and cheaply change your color scheme any time you want. - Get help from a professional decorator even if you’re on a tight budget. Here’s what to do next: Listen to this episode and write down the steps (mentioned inside) you need to follow so you start your project stress-free. Then, go to http://goodlivingbydesignshow.com and download your free report Decorating Tips From The Pros. It is packed full of great design ideas you can use to create a home you can be proud of without breaking the bank. And remember, you don’t need to start big… you just need to start.

Home Shaming

Welcome to the very first episode of our new podcast series: “Good Living By Design”.Let’s start the show by addressing something 61% of Americans experience but feel embarrassed to talk about:Home shaming.You’ve probably heard the term body shaming before. Home shaming means exactly the same - being ashamed of your own home.You feel embarrassed and “less than” when you compare it to the pictures of perfect homes you see on Pinterest, Instagram or on TV.Maybe you feel your house is too small or too cheap. Maybe you have outdated carpeting. Maybe you’ve started a DIY project that’s left incomplete for years…. mismatched furnishings, badly decorated rooms...There’s a lot of valid reasons why you might feel ashamed right now.But the truth is… it is all fixable.So let’s do that.Let’s figure out what you can do right now to move you towards a home you will love and be proud of.In this short episode you will discover three things you need to do right now to get things moving in the right direction.You’ll hear:- How to figure out what the real problem of your “home shame” is.- What to do when you don’t have time, money, or talent to start a new decorating project.- One simple way to avoid overwhelm when you don’t know where to start.Remember, you don’t need to start big... you just need to start.The first step? Go to http://goodlivingbydesignshow.com and download your free report on 15 ways to reinvent your home. Next, click on the play button below and start listening now!

Creating Your Own Oasis In Your Home

Have you considered creating your personal space within your home? A place that is just yours. Where you can escape to read, pursue a craft, meditate or simply unwind after a busy day at work. As the world grows more and more hectic each day, having a space you consider your sanctuary can be essential. And no matter your decorating preference, there’s always a way to transform one room (or a corner of a room) in your home into a relaxing oasis. In today’s episode you will hear some decorative ideas to create your personal space without breaking the bank. Show highlights: How to turn even the smallest of spaces into a relaxing sanctuary. Ways to set up lightning properly when you don’t have natural light from windows. How to create the feeling of cosiness without clutter. This common object will freshen the air and brighten your mood at the same time. Two different ways you should decorate when you want relaxation or stimulation. Tips for a perfect man-cave or she-shed that’s easy to maintain and doesn’t cost a fortune. And if you want even more inspiration for decorating your personal space… then go to  http://goodlivingbydesignshow.com  and download your free copy Decorating Tips From The Pros. Start listening now!

Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer

Many people think that hiring an interior designer is expensive. Or they are afraid to lose control, thinking a designer will take charge and impose their style. But that’s simply not true. An expert professional will help you design a home that is right for you within the budget that you currently have. In today’s episode you’ll get clear on some misconceptions about professional interior designers. Plus, you’ll discover what it is they actually do. (And how they can help you showcase your home to look its best!) Show highlights: How a trained designer can help you turn even the most challenging room into a beautiful and functional space. Costly decorating mistakes most home owners make. The reason why a designer can save you money. (Even with the additional fee you pay them.) All “insiders” connections that are only available to you through an interior designer. Cost saving advantages you get when you work with a professional. (It’s not just their trained eye you’re hiring!) If hiring a professional designer has been something you are thinking about, but you were afraid to pull the trigger… then this episode will help you make an informed decision. And if you want more great decorating tips for your home then go to http://goodlivingbydesignshow.com  and download your free copy Decorating Tips From The Pros. Start listening now!

Organized Home = Organized and Happy YOU

  Did you know that having an organized home can maximize your efficiency. Not to mention the nice feeling you get when you look at your clutter free home. Being organized can balance your life, it can reduce stress, and it can definitely make you more productive. But here’s the thing. A house might look clean and be still full of clutter at the same time. Having piles neatly lined up on the counter doesn't mean you’re organized. Today’s episode will give you tips and ideas how to best start decluttering and organizing your home… without having to go on a massive purge tomorrow and throw away everything. Show highlights: - Four types of boxes you need to start decluttering efficiently. - One rule you should live by that will keep clutter away from your home. - What to do with items that have sentimental value and are difficult to part with. - Neat little trick to arrange items by to keep your home organized without extra work. - How this little bag can keep your closets clutter free. - Why you shouldn’t buy storage containers and what you should do instead. Remember this: Very few people have homes that resemble those you see featured in magazines. So don’t strive for perfections… sometimes good is good enough. Ready to start decluttering? Start listening now!

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