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What decorators want you to know

July 16, 2017

What are decorators? Where does the money for those fees go?

Decorators work with “soft” furnishings like fabric and rugs., pick out accessories and colors to pull together a house or a room. The first step is talking to your decorator.

Here you can inform your decorator what type of styles and colors you like. You can even hire a decorator just for a consultation to get ideas that you can do yourself. Communicating is key. Hiring a decorator is not the last step in redecorating your home. This is the first step to facilitate the process, your input is invaluable.

Decorators do more than just choosing furniture and fabrics. This should reflect who you are and show off your personality. This includes telling them about your hobbies, passions, and the direction you want your life to be, etc. A good decorator will take these details and show them off into the final version of your home.

Your budget is important to discuss in the beginning process so your decorator can get a better understanding of what you want. Here you will also discuss your expectations for the project. You should talk about ways to save and what areas you should spend more money. You always have to keep in mind the labor it will take to fulfill your project (painters, shipping, storage, etc).

Decorating is not always so glamourous. You can see your decorator hauling furniture, painting, hammering and tackling other jobs more associated with construction workers.

They keep the whole picture in mind. A huge reason you might be wondering on hiring a decorator is that they have the ability to see how each things effect one another.

You might wonder how decorators are always getting new ideas for designing. It is because they are getting ideas everywhere. Unlike most professions, they never turn “off”, they are always looking for new ideas, like finding new color scheme and looking out for treasures.

The hardest thing to do when working with a decorator is trusting them. You must show them what type of style you want and trust that she will run with it. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. But remember that you did hire the decorator for a reason and must let them have creative freedom to do something amazing with it.

Being creative is time consuming. Coming up with original content is an unpredictable process. Decorators must not be afraid to go with their creative ideas and have a mutual trust between client and employer.

Do not undermine the work that decorators do. There are many hours that do not make it on the bill. They have to do research and keep up with trends, to keeping up with their social media platforms, and have to go through life itself. Like most entrepreneurs, decorators tend to work way more than 40 hours per week.

Lastly, decorators are here to make your dream comes up true in your new brand home. Happy decorating!!

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