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How houseplants can change your life!

April 4, 2017

How houseplants can change your life

Home accessories are not always just rugs and shiny things. Live plants are an essential to have in your home and can even become the key element in a room. If you have any unused corner or empty shelf in your home, think about putting a plant to fill up the space. Why? Let me tell you.

1. Plants are functional design elements: Many suburban homes have great spacious rooms. While some people love the idea of having a spacious room it could also be someone’s worst nightmare. It is difficult to know where one space ends and one begins. This is why indoor plants like a large shrub or a tree is the perfect answer. You can use them to divide your room up or to create a restricted area where you wouldn’t want guests going into. You are infusing life into the space and are not making the divider between your rooms heavy. For the adrenaline lovers, place a potted plant in the middle of room to create a soft divider. This ad a great deal to the interior of the room. Have you noticed that most plaza have trees or a fountain? It is to create this division element.

2. Plants create a soft element: You cannot recreate natural materials with aesthetic ones. There is no genuine substitute for nature. If you want to create your room to be warm and homey, think about putting a plant in a room where it is cold, like in an office. For example, a therapist’s office usually has a plant in the room because it brings warmth to the room where you will feel like it more comfortable to discuss your problems instead of a cold, hard, room.

3. You fill a room with life: Those corners in your home where it is not big enough or doesn’t seem right for furniture are perfect for a large plant to fill up the empty space. By having that plant behind your furniture, your room will feel more intimate without being over crowded.

4. Plants create a balance: The tricky part about plants is that there is a wrong and right place to place them in. if you put the right plant in the wrong place it will throw off your entire room. It could be that it is too small for a large space or having an overwhelming amount of design elements in one room. It is important to take height, width, and volume into consideration to fill out the space harmoniously. You want to balance the right about of weight of volume within your room. You do not want to have all tall and wide elements in the room or vice versa.

5. The pot is another opportunity to design: The pot that you use can create a statement in your room. For example, using a bright paint dipped pot makes a color statement and can be used an accent in a dark room. If you use a dull looking pot, it would disappear in the room. Most garden stores have well designed planters where you can create the perfect match for your room. Always consider your color palette or metal planters for a more industrial feel. Many planters not, thanks to technology even look like real stone!

Happy designing!

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