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Interior Design Trends we will continue to see this year!

February 21, 2017

Interior Design Trends we will continue to see this year!

Interior Design is always changing from accessories to colors, trends continue to set in what we start seeing in homes. We got together with our interior design experts to see if we could forecast the new trends that will dominate the year!

We saw 5 main things that are setting the goals for the interior design world.


Nature’s Garden

The first one is the all natural look. Already in 2017, all calming colors like shades of green, taupe, and purple have been on every major paint brand’s top choice. If you are looking to feel blissful and enjoy the simpler things in life this is definitely the way to go! Soft tones make your theme of simplistic living, sustainability, spiritually, and self-improvement.



As you may know, rose gold has been making a come back for the last couple of years. If you didn’t break the wallet and were waiting for something new and exciting to spend your money on, then we have the new best thing for you! We are moving away from the flawless looking surfaces and going into a “primal and raw” direction. This includes dark stones and deep silver metals. Even rugged lava stone is being used often for countertops to even tableware.

These raw surfaces bring out warmth and intimacy without having to redo your entire home.

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Light Sculptures

As new technology develops, we are now able to make light into art in a new fun and creative way. This is the way to go if you want a one of a kind design in your home because you can create any type of light fixture in your home. Lights can take up a large space, making it less expensive. Instead of filling up a room with furniture you can fill it up with lighting sculptures that bring out the diversity of interpretation in everyone. The inside of your home can look like the inside of an art gallery.


Home Theatre

Consumers want an electric feel to their lounge area. Dark, bold, and strong graphics were the new trend at the end of 2016 and people are loving it. Designers pushed boundaries and experimented with these dark custom furnishings to create the illumination of a calm setting. There is an increased interest for contemporary design, with designers and homeowners working together to create an interplay of color, graphic elements, and daring agriculture. More so than ever are clients looking for custom furnishings to truly create a unique piece for their home.


100% Connected

As if we weren’t already glued to are smart phones, your home can be connected via internet too! Our daily life is becoming connected to all internet of things and we are becoming the future. We now have a collection of Bluetooth-enabled home appliances that allow uses to control their morning routine from their smart phone. Imagine right before you wake up you have your coffee being made and toast being cooked. Before you awaken for the day, your morning is being prepared just for you. Everything is controlled on a smartphone app. Of course, they are voice controlled and work with google home, Amazon Echo, and more. You will not be able to have that personal assistant you have always wanted! The best thing about it is if you need a break from your hardworking assistant you can always turn her off. These digital companions will help you have a less complicated day and help schedule your day out. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, you are wrong because they will even inform you about the weather and traffic conditions outside while making your shopping list. You will never need that third cup of coffee again!

Who is this show for? Organized Home = Organized and Happy YOU
Who is this show for?
Organized Home = Organized and Happy YOU


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