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What is DecorRoom In A Box?

DecorRoom in a Box is an alternative service from Decor & You Highlands Ranch which offers a custom designed space for a reasonable fee to clients who do not really want or need Decor & You’s full range of design services.

DecorRoom In A Box is available to those clients who may want to do their own searching and purchasing based on a 6-Step “Decor Plan” for their rooms. Clients of DecorRoom In A Box want to be actively involved in the design process and still have the desire for a personalized design experience and appreciate the good design that Decor & You DecorDesigners bring.

Is DecorRoom in a Box Right for You?

  • Do you enjoy decorating your room on your own but don’t know how to get started or need a little (or a lot) push to the right direction?
  • Need an inspiration to get started?
  • Do you like to go find and shop for items for your home on your own?
  • Do you enjoy the thrill of searching for the right accessory item or piece of furniture for your room?
  • Do you have time to find the things for your home?
  • Do you have a knack for decorating and enjoy putting things together but unsure where to start and what to do to achieve your decorating goal?
  • Do you feel that if you have a design plan you can follow that you do not a professional designer to decorate your space?

If you answered “yes” to one or more questions above, then the DecorRoom In A Box program was created just for you!

How Does DecorRoom in a Box Work?

To get started, we will:

Require that prospective clients answer questions that will enable us to understand and get a sense of what it is they would want to achieve in the room. The questions will assist us in determining the style and feel for the room. It will give us necessary information for us to be able to create a personalized “DecorPlan” and create the perfect “DecorRoom” for the client.

  • We will request digital photos of the room and photos of the exterior of the homes.
  • We will ask for room measurements as well as information and measurements of other elements in the room.

Four to six weeks after the questions and information are submitted to us, the client will receive a DecorRoom In A Box that will have the most awaited personalized “DecorPlan” to creat the “DecorRoom” you always wanted.

What is inside the DecorRoom In a Box?

  • Detailed space plan drawn to scale, with specific furniture suggestions
  • Design concept presentation that will show all the specific pieces to create the Decor Room
  • A ring of specific fabric swatches, wallpaper sample, paint color swatches, flooring, tile and hardware samples (if applicable)
  • Dimensions used and information needed to aid clients when they go shopping or sourcing similar products
  • A step by step explanation on how to pull all the elements of the presentation together.

With the information you receive in the DecorRoom In A Box, a client is free to follow and put their room together as we suggested, as closely or loosely as they want. With the dimensions and samples provided, a client will be able to go source similar products on their own. Elements in our design utilize Decor & You vendors. Clients will be able to purchase these items through Decor & You if they are unable to find the exact or similar item as they source products.

How much does DecorRoom In A Box cost?

You decide how many rooms you want to decorate. Pricing is per room* and depends on the size of the room and the scope of the design work.

  • Entryways, powder rooms, hallways – $495 per room [what do you get?]
  • Bedrooms, dining rooms, home offices, bathrooms – $795 per room [what do you get?]
  • Living rooms, kitchens and family rooms – $1150 per room [what do you get?]

*Take 10 % off the total pricing if you order 2 or more rooms at the same time.

Shipping options (one box)**

USPS/priority mail – $18

FedEx ground – $15

FedEx -2 day – $35

FedEx – Overnight – $60

** Once a Decor & You TO GO box is shipped, we are unable to re-design a presentation or refund design fees. Any re-design requests need to be made within 72 hours from the time information was submitted.

Get Your DecorRoom in a Box

To get started, fill out the questionnaire below about your room. Once you complete the questionnaire, you will receive an email from our Decor team that will have further instructions on how to get started. In a few week you will receive the most awaited personalized “DecorPlan” from our DecorDesigners contained in your own personalized DecorRoom In A Box.

We are very excited and can’t wait to start working on your design!

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