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What does an Interior Designer do and why do you need one?

February 13, 2017

What does an Interior Designer do and why do you need one?

Have you been dreaming about a new home for the new year, but don’t think you can afford it? Think again! You do not have to move into a new house to have a new home! All you should do is get an interior designer to redo your home! Or are you wondering if hiring a designer is right for you, or just want to know more about what the process is actually like? We are here to answer all your questions!

What do Interior Designers Do?

What do interior designers exactly do? You might think of an interior designer is dancing around with paint samples and different fabrics, however, that is just a small portion of what we actually do. Think of us like a decorator who will help you pick out the best paint, the best fabric, and the most stylish furnishing. Believe it or not buy most interior designers even have design degrees and are certified to help you with building codes, construction standards, project coordination and more.


Distance is no inconvenience to us. We do not have to be in the same place to work together. We are like a long distance relationship with no strings attach. We are even open to visit you at your home to make the remodel easier for you.

So if you spy a designer whose work you love here, we can help and get them to you. Don’t assume we wont be able to work together, it is always worth inquiring.

What does it take to be the best?

We go have to go through a rigorous education and training process, just like other pros. Even Harvard and Colorado State have design programs! You should always look at a person’s education and their occupation and make sure it matches up. We believe that certifications make us qualified to mess with people’s home. Think about it like this, a home is so much more than just decorating for a party. We feel like redesigning a home is equally important as finding our clients a new home. Except we are more important because we are rebuilding a house from the ground up.


The latest technology helps both of us to create your new space. Ask your designers if they know how to use AutoCad and other tools for space planning, codes, and more. These tools help both parties look at your home in a way you did not think possible. Think before committing to anything your interior designer can show you what her magic can really do to your home with virtual reality!

Your vision comes first!

Don’t forget that you are the boss! We are not doing our job right if we are not working with your budget. Yes, we work with large remodeled homes but we also work with smaller projects and budgets. Do not worry that you aren’t building an entire house or refurnish your home, we are here to make you happy. You are our priority.  Even if we are just redoing one room!

We want to work with your vision … and expand it. We are here to listen to you, to attend to your needs, and create an original design that perfectly fits your space! We do not have an agenda filled with original designs and use a magic eight ball to decide what would work with our clients. We listen to our clients and take your vision to its’ full potential.


We can see your project through from start to finish. Remember those certifications we were talking about earlier? That makes us qualified so that we can manage a team of workers, make decisions  about moving walls, plan home remodels, make a home baby proof or even wheelchair accessible, the possibilities are endless. We will find the “jewelry” to your home.

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