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Seven qualities of a great designer

April 20, 2017

Interior design is like art and speak to each person differently. Great design means stepping out of your comfort zone, mixing paints, textures and fabrics in unique ways. It can also be great with simplicity, clean lines and modern furniture. However, a great designer achieves all the same basic eight qualities to make a room come to life!

Regardless of your style, interior design should have their own personality. No room will look the same from client to client. Here are some tips to follow to create a brilliant designed spaces and see what qualities that make them so great!

  1. Sleek lines and exotic materials give a room a glamorous look. You can have your furniture pieces upholstered in a different plush fabric but make sure they sign the same song. To become a great designer, you want to be glamorous (at the least your room too).
  2. You want to create a symmetrical look in your rooms with something eye catching but also have something anchoring’s the space to create a symmetrical feel. This does not mean having everything on one side mirrored to the other.
  3. You can still have a centerpiece in your room but have pieces that accent the room while having contrast pieces that contrast the accent color NOT the center piece.
  4. Soft color tones and subtle styles can be more than welcoming in a guest bedroom. It is important that all your pieces go together. This does not mean matching your pieces but just to make sure the colors create the same type of mood. You can have two main colors in your room and bring them together with a rug to harmonize everything. 
  5. If you have a small room you are redesigning, you don’t want your room to become cramped but cozy. You can be cozy by having your bed at one end the rom and have all your main elements in that same end of the room while having some pieces floating on the walls from the door ways to create a spacious flow. This creates a welcoming place to come in and snuggle up.
  6. When creating a child’s room it is hard not to go over board with the colors. You do not need to have colors on the walls to feel fun and fabulous. You can create a very playful room with accessories in green, yellow, orange, and pink giving it a whimsical look without sacrificing the classical finishes. The shape of the mirrors can go a long way too, to give your room personality. 
  7. You want to go out of your comfort zone. By doing this, you can pick a bright bold color for a large piece and have the rest of the room accent and harmonizing with it. Do not be afraid to go bold. If you are redesigning a bathroom your shower curtain can be the bold pattern while having pieces accenting them. For example, imagine a bathroom with an orange patterned shower curtain. The bathroom is made out of white tile all around but you have gold accessories around the bathroom. You can have a gold lining of your bathroom mirror with a gold clock on the wall with gold pipes for the toilet. The possibilities are endless! This is where the real magic happens with bold colors!

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